For the past year and a half, Karen has been providing PT services to our 10-year-old son.  Not only are we incredibly impressed at the results we’ve seen since N started seeing Karen, but we’re consistently inspired and amazed at her knowledge and complete sincerity at what she does.  Prior to starting PT with Karen, N struggled with a lot of gross motor skills as well as the general flow of motion and attitude.  Karen has helped N in drastic ways.  He walks and moves with so much more flow and with so much less tension in his muscles.  His coordination has improved so much as well as his attitude and confidence.  Karen has been such an amazing addition to our son’s growth and we can’t thank her enough for not only the changes we’ve seen but the genuine love she has not only for our son but also for our family.  She truly believes in what she does and pours her heart into every child she works with.

Meaghan V


Karen worked with my adopted son, N in an outpatient PT department and when she left,

I told her “I want you to know that you cannot be replaced. No one else has come close to your talents in working with my son. I have never found a therapist other than you, who took the child’s history of trauma into consideration and was able to work with it. I believe that your unconventional and individualistic techniques, and open-mindedness, ultimately have contributed greatly to N’s progress.”   Crystal F