Somatic Practice

I completed Kathy Kain’s Skilled touch for re-regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System in December 2018. I receive this service from others and have found it to be very simple in its’ application and profound in its effect.

It can be┬áliberating to learn that it isn’t your fault if you┬áhave anxiety, are oriented to see the world as dangerous, have developed chronic pain and chronic health conditions and isolated in order to protect yourself. You can be under the influence of survival physiology which I now know can be healed. We are wired to heal, to connect and to serve this world in a way that only we can do.

I am deeply grateful that I found this work and can now serve others.

It has been the missing piece for me in my work with children who have not been able to calm easily, who tantrum, have trouble sleeping, digestive issues, and more.

This work is ideal for adults who have anxiety, depression, chronic pain conditions, and chronic illness, who have trouble socially, who may even be bedridden with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and more. Your body remembers everything and holds all the unclaimed parts of you. we can finally bring them home.

I feel more social, less afraid of the world, I can now see the world as kind, I am no longer afraid of my body when it attempts to get my attention. And I am finally able to be in that body and appreciate the vitality, strength, and profound sense of home I have found for myself and continue to find.

I used this work to serve children with ASD and was impressed with the outcomes. I witnessed and was told by parents that children became more self-confident, had fewer tantrums, slept better, and connected more overall.

I experienced more eye contact, enhanced cooperative play, the ability for children to move through challenges by improving their ability to sense and feel what they were feeling in their body. These children are better at this than any other.

For example, one child was afraid of letting down at night to sleep. After 5 months, his mom reported that he was telling her he wanted to go to bed early and she had to ask him to wait. He slept all night without awakening in a rage as he had done consistently with the family unable to sleep through the night. This change was a game changer for the family.