Once babies are put on the ground and out of your arms, they begin to individuate through sensing and feeling themselves in relationship to this natural world where everything is alive and relational. If all goes well, development happens in a timely manner. If not, your child will need assistance to find these crucial connections.

For example, with a child who has been diagnosed with CP, it’s what their system seeks to do to survive which subverts the child from finding these connections. Some children develop such high muscle tone and/or are on such high alert that they are unable to sense and feel the support under them which would allow for more relaxation and softening. Other children develop a physical orientation that is more collapsed and flexible so that they easily find their support but develop faulty patterns in order to feel safe in gravity. They also may have difficulty with finding upright postures easily, feel lost in space, unable to jump etc. In summary, their options for movement becomes reduced and their foundation unstable. Utilizing brain plasticity, I guide a child towards building a solid foundation.


Does your child

  • show a delay in development
  • have high muscle tone
  • low muscle tone
  • toe walk
  • do they fall and stumble a lot
  • can’t sit still or tends to sit more than is usual
  • Trouble sleeping, anger, irritability, difficulty with eye contact, frequent outbursts


To breath and move fully and effortlessly along the continuum of the exhale/Inhale, Expansion/contraction, In/Out, Up/Down holds the ability to respond well to the demands of our environment with pleasure/play

“C was always falling, always bruised, seemed oblivious to his surroundings. He had done OT for nearly 5 years before we found Karen. Her ability to understand C, his need for some sensory input and aversion to other sensory input, along with her patience and willingness to work with C, rather than force C to work with her yielded immediate results. She helped him find his center, helped him ground his body and begin to understand the relationship with his body, gravity and objects. His falls are far less frequent, his balance has greatly improved, and he is truly aware of his surroundings.”

C's Family

It is within this frame of space and place that I work with children, following their intention and helping to remove roadblocks or restore solid connection with themselves relative to parts of their own physical body, their nervous system and the environment. This develpment aligns with a healthy self-image and a solid foundation from which to grow.

Whenever we are stuck along the continuum of healthy flow , we are distressed and children more so as they have yet to map out their full potential as an individuated person. They deserve all the assistance and time necessary to establish a healthy  foundation, one  they will rely on all the days of their lives.

I work with the child with skill and in a space of respect, love and awe for their resilience.