Time for spring cleaning your most important house, your body. Breath through the whole of yourself, allow the fresh spring air to move through, opening windows, doors and clear out outmoded clutter.

My Clients

Working with a diverse population continues to expand my experience and I am proud to serve those  interested in transforming pain, movement disorders of all types, neurological disorders of all types and those who just wish to live a potent, embodied life.

My Clients

Chronic and acute pain conditions

Women who wish to practice radical self-care through embodiment practices

Neurological Disorders

Early Developmental Trauma

Those who wish to improve any movement skill




  • Classes and Individual sessions available.

Reach for healing, relief from pain and ease of movement. Lengthen in gravity effortlessly and breathe throughout the whole of yourself.

Allow unnecessary tension to fall away  by following maps back to crucial connections.

Brain plasticity allows us to rewire our movement patterns from stress-filled compensation to freedom and ease.