Hello, My name is Karen

 My passion is to help infants and children with neurological issues which get in the way of their natural development. 

 I have found Feldenkrais to be most effective in it’s ability to create the conditions for learning. We as humans need to engage in organic learning as children rather than being trained.

 I have worked with a vast variety of conditions in almost 40 years of practice in the Physical Therapy field and in part time practice using holistic body work methods. 

I am, most recently, studying how to work with the trauma that arises as part of injury to our nervous system. 

I am constantly on a quest to improve my skills




My Past Meets the Present

After over 35 years in the PT field as a PT assistant, I am venturing into a private practice where I can devote my skills without interference.

If you don’t know what a PT assistant does, The PT , with my assistance, develops a plan and assessment and I deliver the service or treatment. In that time, I have worked with folks who have a variety diagnosis and degree of injury, pain, neurological conditions and movement challenges.

I have always been an “out of the box” holistically oriented practitioner and now I have the freedom to do what I love as a trauma informed somatic practitioner or “Body Therapist”